The Apprenticeship Community

Designed specifically for Western Australian employers and employees, The Apprenticeship Community is a collaboration between two not for Profit organisations - BUSY At Work and CoAct.


The Apprenticeship Community offers up to date information on how your business can access funding and incentives (including payroll tax exemption in WA) when providing nationally recognised training to your people in the form or traineeships and apprenticeships.


The Apprenticeship Community provide advice and support tailored to the needs of employers and employees looking to/or undertaking apprenticeships and traineeships throughout the training lifecycle, from sourcing training providers and candidates (yes, free recruitment support!) right through to claiming incentives as your people complete their qualifications.


And don't think this is just for juniors… There are a range of qualifications designed for your existing and experienced workforce such as Diploma of Leadership and Management, Cert IV Retail (for Retail Managers) and Cert IV Hospitality (for Supervisors) just to name a few.


Thousands of WA businesses access these programs and the associated funding and incentives as part of their business improvement, reward and recognition and workforce development plans.


The Apprenticeship Community would love to be able to support other chamber members to grow their business and develop their workforce, whilst accessing funding and incentives to reduce the impact on your bottom line. Request a meeting with us at a time that is convenient to you by clicking here.


The Apprenticeship Community is an Australian Apprenticeship Network Support provider. And best of all, every service they offer is FREE!