Tips to create a mentally healthy workplace

Tips to create a mentally healthy workplace

The mental wellbeing of employees is an extremely important part of creating a safe and healthy workplace. While all employees have a responsibility in looking after their own mental health, managers also play a critical role in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Managers will be in close contact with their employees, allowing them to observe their behaviour and influence their work environment. Alternatively, staff will also look to their managers for leadership, guidance and support. Workplace mental health should be a high priority for any business, and there are several things managers can do to improve the workplace environment.

1. Increase your own knowledge about mental health and be aware of the support available – this will allow you to better understand what someone may be going through and how you can help them.

2. Educate staff and encourage open conversation about mental health – reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues is an important step to foster a mentally healthy workplace.

3. Demonstrate healthy work habits – take regular breaks, avoid emails and calls outside of work hours and leave work on time.

4. Provide support to employees who are struggling with mental health –  Every workplace has a legal responsibility to make reasonable adjustments to help a person remain at work which could include offering flexible working hours, adjusting the person’s workload and providing additional guidance and support.

You should also consider putting a Mental Health Workplace Procedure in place. This is an important document outlining how mental health issues in the workplace will be managed.  

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